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"Our Quality Is The Star Of The Seas."

We take quality seriously. We only source from suppliers who can meet the strict quality criteria that we demand for our customers. Watch our video to see how we strive to bring you only the best fresh tunas, Dover sole, turbot, branzino and swordfish from around the world.

Quality Control

From the source to your door, we take quality seriously every step of the way. Eric Metaj, Seas Star Foods’ co-owner and vice president, personally travels the world meeting with suppliers to ensure that their operations and their fish meet our high-quality standards.

We require that all of our suppliers have HACCP certifications and follow all FDA regulations for food safety. In addition, their facilities must meet our stringent requirements for cleanliness.

Our Products

We specialize in selling fresh fish primarily to wholesalers and distributors. With year-round weekly deliveries from personally vetted suppliers around the world, you can be confident you are getting the highest quality products with Seas Star Foods.

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All factories must meet top qualifications in cleanliness and must have proper certifications to be approved as vendors which is why Eric travels extensively because you can only know so much from the phone. Meria Metaj runs the headquarters that is located in Northern New Jersey and oversees the entire day to day operations.