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Known for its mild taste and firm texture, yellowfin is the most widely consumed Sashimi product. The majority of our yellowfin are caught in the Indian Ocean off the islands of Maldives and Sri Lanka. We just recently started to expand into Trinidad.

Maldives, where tuna is caught by hand lines, offers some of the freshest fish because their boats are only out for 3 days as compared to some other areas of the world that are out for 2 weeks.

We have fresh stock delivered daily.

Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna is known for its medium-full flavor and firm, meaty texture with large flakes. Its sweet flavor makes it heavily targeted for sushi and sashimi.

Fresh stock is delivered twice a week with additional stock brought in as needed.

Big Eye Tuna

Big eye tuna, also known as ahi, is another that is prized for sushi and Sashimi because of its deliciously mild flavor. It offers a high-fat content with marbling near the skin.

Large fish- 60 lb. and over
Footballs- 40-60 lb.

Grades (yellowfin and big eye)
Grade #1: The best Sashimi/Sushi grades with beautiful cherry red color
Grade #2: Next best, less red, strong pink color
Box size avg. 200 lb., 2-3 fish per box, 11 boxes come in each container


Swordfish are a large, highly migratory fish found in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. Our swordfish is caught from the same deep sea vessels as our Sri Lanka yellowfin tunas. We carry high quality Pups and Markers.


True wild Dover Sole is shipped from Holland to us twice a week. The fillets have a crisp white flesh with a buttery richness and very delicate texture. Our fresh Dover sole are supplied from fishing trawlers in the North Sea and are found in waters as deep as 1000 meters.

Fresh Dover Sole is available at our facility daily.

14-16 oz. = 0.75 lb.
16-18 oz. = 1 lb.
18-20 oz. = 1.25 lb.
20-24 oz. = 1.5 lb.


Turbot is a firm fish that retains it bright white appearance when cooked. Wild turbot are flat fish found in the shallow inshore waters of the Mediterranean, North Atlantic and Baltic seas. Our fresh stock includes a variety of sizes.

1–2 lb.
2–4 lb.
4–6 lb.
6–9 lb.
9–13 lb.
13–18 lb.


The delicate white flesh, buttery flavor, and silky texture of Branzino, also known as fresh Mediterranean seabass, loup de mer, robalo, lubina, spigola, makes it one of our popular products. Our supply is imported from farms in Greece and Turkey. Our product starts as embryos and are fed organic sustainable feed daily until they are harvested. We require that full traceability is provided at each stage of production, so we ensure that our customers are receiving the best Branzino available.

We refresh stock twice a week.

400 g–600 g= 1–1.25 lb.
600 g–800 g = 1.5 lb.
800 g–1000 g = 1.75–2 lb.

Box Size:
22 lb.—Minimum of 5 boxes


A member of the seabream and porgy family, dorade, also called dorade royale and orata, is a firm white fish that has been a European specialty for centuries. Dorade can be found in coastal waters of the Mediterranean.

Our stock is refreshed twice weekly.

400g–600g= 1–1.25 lb.
600g–800g = 1.5 lb.
800g–1000g = 1.75–2 lb.
Box Size: 22 lb. —Minimum of 5 boxes

Norwegian Salmon

From the cold, clear waters of Norway, comes this ocean-farmed salmon. Japanese sushi masters enjoy Norwegian salmon because of its versatility to be eaten raw or cooked.

We have fresh stock available daily.

2–3 kg
3–4 kg
4–5 kg
5–6 kg
6+ kg