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Here at Seas Star Food USA, we live by our slogan, "Our Quality Is The Star Of The Seas." We take quality extremely serious in every step of the way. With over 15 years of experience and knowledge, we strive to be the best wholesale provider for our products. We specialize in our Fresh farmed True-Blue Tuna, Dover sole, wild Turbot, and Branzino. 


We are partnered with the largest companies located the Spain and Holland to maintain the strong supply needed to keep up with our growing demand. Eric Metaj, Seas Star Food, USA Vice president, travels extensively throughout the world to research and investigate suppliers for the best quality fresh Tunas and wild fresh Dover soles. All factories must meet top qualifications in cleanliness and must have proper certifications to be approved as vendors.


From the source to your door, we take quality seriously every step of the way. Eric Metaj, Seas Star Foods’ co-owner and vice president, travels the world meeting with suppliers to ensure that their operations and their fish meet our high-quality standards. We require that all of our suppliers have HACCP certifications and follow all FDA regulations for food safety. In addition, their facilities must meet our stringent requirements for cleanliness. We receive shipments year round. Our fresh products are flown from the source into our local airports where we personally pick them up so that we can maintain as much control as possible over the process – further ensuring its quality. 

Every product that comes through our doors undergoes a detailed inspection for proper temperature, weights, quality, smell, and freshness. All products are rinsed with ozone enhanced water to safely disinfect them and increase our customer storage times without the use of harsh chemicals. Finally, all products are properly packed in ice before they leave our facility, so that you receive only the best.

meet the Owners

Meria Metaj

Owner and CEO

Eric Metaj

Vice President